About CSF-Dynamics

CSF-Dynamics A/S is a company, focusing on development and production of shunts for treatment of hydrocephalus. The SinuShunt project is the sole focus of our company and we are therefore fully committed to its success.  


SinuShunt was originally invented by our founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Svend Erik Børgesen who is one of the leading neurosurgeons in Denmark. During his 40 years of active practice, he saw that all current technologies were failing to provide an efficient solution to hydrocephalus sufferers. The issue of over-drainage was not being addressed and malfunctioning devices were resulting in lots of re-operations or complications such as infections. These inefficiencies have opened up an opportunity for disruption in the industry.

Thanks to our close ties with the engineering company 2C A/S, we have access to the necessary development and production network within the medical device industry. 2C has developed over 200 medical technologies for some of the most innovative high-tech companies in Denmark, including Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Ambu, Bavarian Nordic, Radiometer, Bosch Medical Packaging Systems and FOSS.

Management of CSF-Dynamics


Lars Ulrik Nielsen, MSc

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), CSF-Dynamics A/S

Co-founder and partner of 2C A/S, Danish engineering consultancy. Long track record of developing MedTech products for some of Denmark’s most innovative companies.


Tom Hede Markussen, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), and member of the board, CSF-Dynamics A/S

Co-founder and partner of 2C A/S, Danish engineering consultancy. Inventor of the FlexTouch® injection device for Novo Nordisk A/S, >500 million sold. 15 patents in MedTech innovation.


Svend Erik Børgesen, Dr. Med. Sci.

Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), Head of advisory board, CSF-Dynamics A/S

Co-founder of CSF Dynamics A/S. Inventor of the SinuShunt technology. Specialist in micro invasive and spine surgery. Has performed more than 500 hydrocephalus operations. Former chief neurosurgion at the National Hospital of Denmark.

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Katrina Gillard, BSc

Project manager, CSF-Dynamics A/S

20 years experience in international project management. Coordinator with the European Commission.


Jens Erik Karlskov Jensen

Chairman of the board, CSF-Dynamics A/S

Co-founder of CSF-Dynamics A/S. Owner of EGN Group A/S and Kasko Holding A/S.


Henrik Ypkendanz

Member of the board, CSF-Dynamics A/S

Owner and CEO of Illums Bolighus A/S.