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About CSF-Dynamics

CSF-Dynamics was founded in 1996 by Svend Erik Børgesen, Dr. Med. Sci., former chief neurosurgeon at the Danish National Hospital in Copenhagen, specialist in hydrocephalus, recipient of the Medtronic Pudenz Prize and recognised by the Queen of Denmark for neurosurgical services. After operating more than 500 hydrocephalus patients (as well as many other operations), he invented the SinuShunt™ as a response to the need for a radically better hydrocephalus shunt which would continue to work on a long-term basis.

CSF-Dynamics partnered with the Danish engineering consultancy 2C ENGINEERING in 2017 to further develop the SinuShunt, leading to our EU supported clinical pilot study from 2020 to 2022. Data collected is extremely promising with over 6 months indicating better-than-average shunt survival and confirming that shunting to the dural venous sinus provides a safe, simple and long-lasting solution.

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