Our mission is to develop a new type of hydrocephalus shunt that ends the misery of over-drainage and
Information for patients
At CSF-Dynamics, we are working dedicated to develop, produce and market a new innovative type of shunt for hydrocephalus, called SinuShunt.
With this new shunt we hope to overcome the issues of current shunts related to overdrainage and the need to re-operate frequently.
Currently, the shunt is being tested in a clinical trial at Rigshospitalet, Denmark.
We hope we can make the SinuShunt available on the European market in 2022. 
Please follow this website for new information.
Thank you,
the CSF-Dynamics team  

“While shunting has transformed hydrocephalus, in many cases, from a death sentence to a chronic condition, the need for better shunts is vast”

“Shunt systems have changed little relative to the advances made in other medical technologies and cause many problems for those living with hydrocephalus”

Dr. Laurene McKillop, CEO Hydrocephalus Association (US)

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